Introducing Ecuador

Jennifer Reichelt

Ecuador boasts the best of South American culture, beauty, and people. Ecuador is an adventurous country full of ancient forests, wildlife, scenery, and the Andes Mountains.

Ecuador also has plenty of cultural cities such as Quito or Cuenca, where there are various markets, native and handmade items, beautiful beaches and colonial towns.

What I’ve heard from others is that the best part of Ecuador are the Ecuadorians. They prove to be kindhearted, proud, and generous, also excited to have visitors show intrigue in their beautiful country.

The best city to visit is Cuenca. Cuenca is an absolutely beautiful, laid-back, colonial city that has great weather and cleaner streets than Quito.

Cuenca’s historic center is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The city is the center for many native crafts such as ceramics, jewelry,and the Panama hat.

The interesting thing about Ecuador is that three cultures have left their mark on the city of Cuenca, ending with the settlement of the Spanish in the early 1500s. The Inca had a city called Tomebamba, which the Spanish overtook and used pieces to build their own city. The first civilization to settle in Cuenca was the Canari people who had a city called Quanpondelig.