Café, Futebol, Beleza: Visit Brazil

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Massive, rich, authentic, beautiful.

Those are just some of a few adjectives you can use to describe Brazil’s majesty. With a landmass size of over 3.2 million square miles, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world both in landmass and population.

Relative to South America, Brazil takes up almost half of the entire continent. It is a giant among the world’s economies with a Gross Domestic Product of about 2.24 trillion, exporting tons of manufactured and agricultural goods. To the world’s travelers most importantly, Brazil is home to a booming tourism industry, seeing millions of travelers every year.

If you’re considering traveling to Brazil, there may be way too much to do in just one trip. Take a look at some of these tips on how to start planning your Brazilian vacation.

As said before, Brazil is a gigantic country. The first question you should ask yourself is Where do I want to go? and What do I want to see? You will choose your locations based on what your interests are. If you’re looking for ecotourism, you should probably avoid visiting Sao Paulo, and if you’re looking for leisure and recreation, maybe Belem is not the best city to visit. Visiting Brazil is much like visiting the United States, having an assortment of cities, climates, geographies, and attractions. So first, it is important that you know the differences.

Central Brazil is composed mainly of untamed Amazon jungles and forests. Some of these areas are still relatively unexplored and untouched by people. Although there are some major cities in this region, like Brazil’s capital Brasilia, and Manaus, Belem, Cuiaba, and Goiania, most of the region is uninhabited. If you’re looking to enjoy ecotourism, this is the region to explore. Various national parks, as well as tours through the Amazon River are available for tourists looking to explore the untamed rainforests.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches; Brazil has one of the longest coastlines in the world.

Individuals looking to enjoy coastal towns and world class beaches have an array of options to choose from. Most people visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city and most popular tourist attraction. Famous for its white sandy beaches, Carnaval Festival, towering granite peaks, and its iconic “Christ the Redeemer” monument. Rio welcomes about 2.8 million visitors every year.

However, there are many more great coastal cities you can visit for more affordable prices and less crowds. Go against the flow, and visit Recife and Fortaleza. Both of these cities offer a great deal of commercial and leisure activities to tourists and locals. Recife, also known as the “Venice of Brazil” has its own Carnaval, said to be just as exciting, but even more eccentric than that of Rio De Janeiro’s.

If you’re looking for a more distinct cultural or historic vacation, all of the previously mentioned cities would suffice. However some cities especially, like Sao Paulo, Natal, and Salvador are especially rich in colonial history and Brazilian culture.

Salvador is an especially old and historic city, being one of the first settled cities in the Americas. Home to a variety of Portuguese colonial buildings and sites, the city is considered a World Heritage Site by the UNESCOSao Paulo on the other hand is Brazil’s largest city. Although it can be a little overwhelming navigating through the city’s wide streets, towering buildings, and crowds of people, it is the perfect place to experience the country in all of its cultural, civic, and economic glory. Although also a larger city, Natal is not the most popular tourist site in Brazil. This gives any adventurous traveler the perfect opportunity to experience a large Brazilian coastal city in its purest form, without having to deal with the mass quantity of foreign crowds. Best of all, all three of these cities have great beaches, so you’ll still have time to sunbathe and swim in its rich, turquoise waters!

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