Travel to Bali: The best of where to stay, play, and eat

Jennifer Reichelt

It’s a miracle that all of the tourism that Bali has seen hasn’t ruined the natural beauty of the island. It’s essence is still very much intact and natural as can be. With Bali being such small island and the crowds quite large, there are still place to go to enjoy a very serene and quiet moment alone.

Bali’s first-timers always have the same confusion: they think it’s going to be overcrowded, dangerous, over-developed, and dirty. These accusations aren’t irrational as most tourist hotspots do dwindle down to this respect after years and years of serving tourists.

But Bali is different. You can see the volcanoes in the morning sunrise with perfect, crisp clarity without any smog and there are monkeys swinging from tree to tree,, and beautiful rice patty farms framing the small roads. Bali is full of life, including those of it’s human inhabitants which aren’t so bad either. Balinese people are extremely welcoming and open, as well as very spiritual and inspirational.

A few places not to miss:

In Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak – South Bali boasts diverse shopping for those of all backgrounds and beautiful choices for accommodations, as well as world-class restaurants. Potato Head Beach Club is a must do, as well as coconut cocktails at Motel Mexicola.

In Greater Canggu – More noted as ‘North Kuta”, locals insist that this ex-pact heavy place is still called Canggu. Vegan Pad Thai and Gren Ginger Noodle House is one not to miss, as well as the luxury villas at RedDoor Bali.

In Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran Bay – Ulu Watu, the beautiful beach and the surf-shacks of Bingin. Dreamland and Pandang padang are beautiful sots for clear water swimming.

Bali has so much to offer for every type of tourist or expat. The small island offers a plethora of vibes and waves to catch, food to try, and places to sit back and enjoy yourself.