Jennifer Reichelt

Jennifer Reichelt currently works as a local government consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the former Deputy City Manager of the City of Great Falls, Montana. In August of 2010, Jennifer relocated from Glendale, Arizona where she worked for ten years, most recently as Glendale’s Deputy Marketing Director. In her current role, Jennifer is responsible for assisting with daily operations of the City while working closely with the City Commission. Jennifer also coordinates the communication efforts between the City, media, public, and the City employees.

Jennifer Reichelt

Jennifer in Turkey

As soon as opportunity arises in Jennifer’s busy schedule, she takes up traveling. Growing up in Arizona exposed Jennifer to beautiful terrains and eccentric cultures and living in a border town gave her the opportunity to frequently visit Mexico. Jennifer spent most her summers driving from Arizona to Montana with her parents in their station wagon. Each road trip gave her the pleasure of taking in the beauty of the country and it fascinated her.

Jennifer has traveled all around the United States and has many more destinations to experience and cultures to explore. Jennifer most recently visited France where she experienced both the splendor of Paris and the charm of the south of France. Another recent trip, Jennifer made her way to the beautiful old city of Istanbul. She always enjoys meeting locals when she travels and makes it a point to take their advice on getting the most out of her trip. Jennifer loves getting a feel of what life is like in any foreign place she finds herself in. Not living like a tourist is important as she immerses herself in new cultures, learns new customs, and makes new local friends. Jennifer is always greatly pleased to feel welcomed and taken care of by people who do not necessarily speak the same language or have the same cultural background . She enjoys people who love to share their culture as she is very interested in learning more.. Having that experience of commonality between someone who has lived a completely different life is something beautiful that Jennifer thoroughly enjoys. Visiting Turkey was quite a culture shock for her, but the people, the food, and the landmarks further inspired her passion to travel

Jennifer Reichelt

In Paris!

There is something inherently exciting about going somewhere you have never been before. It’s a feeling of endless possibility and freedom that captures Jennifer’s interest in traveling. Jennifer enjoys the planning process as well, something most people do not necessarily enjoy. The pre-trip preparations; Booking the trip, looking at maps, doing research on where to stay, what to eat, and places to go, all excite Jennifer as she sorts out the details of her itinerary. For Jennifer, the planning is all part of the adventure of traveling to a new place.

Jennifer Reichelt has plenty of adventures to tackle on her travel bucket list. She’d love to visit Finland in the near future as her family’s background is Finnish.  Jennifer would also love to visit Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Russia. More locally, Jennifer plans to take the next opportunity to trek out to New York City to see a famous Broadway show.